Duel in the sun, 1946 (Full version in spanish)

Pearl Chavez (Jennifer Jones), a young mestizo, is sent to live in Texas, at the ranch of the strict Senator McCandless (Lionel Barrymore). The young Ella catches the attention of the senator's sons: the always polite and courteous Jesse (Joseph Cotten) and the impetuous and impulsive Lewton (Gregory Peck). Soon the two brothers vie for the love of the attractive

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Duel in the Sun


138 minutes

United States

Director: King Vidor

Screenplay: Ben Hecht, David O. Selznick, Oliver H.P. Garrett.

Novel: Niven Busch

Music: Dimitri Tiomkin

Cinematography: Lee Garmes, Harold Rosson, Ray Rennahan

Cast: Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotten, Lionel Barrymore, Walter Huston, Lillian Gish, Harry Carey, Charles Bickford, Otto Kruger, Herbert Marshall Producer: David O. Selznick

Genre: Western. Romance. Drama | Romantic drama. Melodrama. epic cinema